Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bug & Pickle launches Belly Firm

Both of my two pregnancies do bring me a lot of ugly sights especially my tummy. I can see the mixture of faded stretch marks and those new purplish stretch marks appearing on my tummy. I hate those marks, as i no longer can show my tummy proudly, now i have to wear more longer shirt to cover my tummy as i so scared other weird looks from others.

Very fortunately as my friend told me i can try the product of Bug & Pickle. Recently,
Bug & Pickle launches Belly Firm that really brings advantage for those are needed like me. It has rich vitamin C and E to help repairing skin texture, other than that, the active ingredients inside such as essential oils like Jasmine, grapefruit, mandarin and patchouli are very good to firming the skin and best treat the scarring that leftover by c-section. Luckily i don't have the c-section scar, so i can concentrate applying this product to fade out my purplish stretch marks.

So from now onwards, i have to religiously to apply it on my tummy, boobs and thigh, i am sure sooner or later i can have more smoother and firmer looking skin texture. And i believe it is very efficiency and safe to be used as it is 96% come from natural ingredients, no synthetic fragrance or color and not tested on animals.