Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Finally i signed up the StemLife yesterday. I keep hearing actually cord blood storage is “useless” and it is actually over advertised and misleading parents. I heard these from a famous doctor in Sabah and even some doctors from New Zealand. Anyway, i still signed up this as i think it is better than sorry. I took the Platinum package at RM5000 and it includes 20 years of storage. Of course, i do hope this is just merely for storage and i don't need to take the cord blood out for my kids or hubby or me.

StemGuard. Transplant Medical Insurance coverage for 12 months. Upgrading of policy is not allowed. ---- RM100,000 Coverage, Renewal Fee: RM150
StemAssured. Guaranteed cover if cells are not viable at time of withdrawal for transplant. --- RM50,000
Stem21. Annual Storage fee for remainder of 21 years waived, in the event either parents passes away.


Allyfeel said...

Finally you signed up eh? Hehe! Good!

giddy tiger said...

Good for you! Got yourself a good deal there....:)

chooi peng said...

Finally, you choose stem life! haha..
and i agreed to you, better than sorry!

L B said...

It's a good move. You won't need it, but at least you can feel reassured. Peace of mind is pretty important these days.

peimun said...

you have make a good move...!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Good decision, I did a post on stem life on my shopping blog. If I could turn back the clock, I would have signed up for it too :)