Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Switch your old DVDs, CDs, Games and Books

Did some stuffs cleaning last weekend, oh dear, all of a sudden i found out the boxes had lot of stuffs inside like DVDs, CDs, computer games and books. Gosh, i have almost forgotten when did i buy these sort of stuffs that fully occupied my stored boxes under my bed. If you ask me to throw them away in order not to gather more dust, to be honest, i am sure i won't as some of them are my favourite collections since my collegue time. Some of the CDs even are limited edition.

Fortunatly i came accross to this
SwitchPlanet.com, with SwitchPlanet.com, i can register myself as a member and update my trading lists and preferences hence to swtich with other members with their old DVDs, CDs, games and books. That a very good idea, as i can switch my items with others for free and getting to have other people collection. I even registered myself so that i can communicate with other members via their forums. Apart from switching my stuffs, i think i even can make friends through their forum.

Well, i have to sort out all of my DVDs, CDs and books as soon as possible, so that i can start my switching with other members.