Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I am currently looking for an air-conditioner, i have sorted out LG and Panasonic after my hunting. Actually i like Panasonic most as their trusty name and ageless years in making air-conditioner. But, the functions of Panasonic is more in the shade of LG. So, i think most probably i will chose LG (model: CK18LCR) since :
- Neo Plasma Plus air purifying system with K-AVF
- Allergen extration
- Deodorizing Function
- Desired temperature display
- Sleep mode
- Jet Cool
- Neuro-fuzzy artificial intelligence
- Auto clean
- Antibacterial filter
- Wireless LCD remote controller
- Healthy dehumidification
- 24 hour on/off setting timer
- Four way auto swing.


papajoneh said...

LG... definitely get the LG.
I am using one. The best. with it splasma air filter, u can feel the air so different. its anti bird flu too. get the LG my friend.

huisia said...

Papajoneh - Ya..definitely get the LG!! THANKS!