Friday, June 15, 2007

Puppy Classifieds

Recently my Chihuahua just gave birth for 5 little Chihuahua. They are so cute but my house just can't fit for so many dogs again. I have been thinking to sell of my Chihuahua, and have been thinking to advertise in local newspaper.

Friend of mine has introduced me a great website that i can sell my Chihuahua over there. In this site, it has very systematic
Puppy Classifieds that allows puppy sellers to list their dog for only 6 bucks, and sellers can upload as plenty of photos as they wanted. With this listing, it is actually brought advantages for puppy lovers to search for the one they are most desired one.

I know there are many sites providing this kind of puppy classifying, but look for a manageable and systematic classifieds always seems difficult. So i believe i can absolutely sell out all my Chihuahua through this good puppy classifieds site worked by Other than selling my Chihuahua there, i can search for another cute puppy and simply contact the puppy owner to discuss the puppy selling. I am looking for a Shih Tzu for my best friend, Alice.