Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Add extra pizzazz to your special occasion

My baby's 1st birthday has just over, actually i had been thinking to have a grand birthday party before his birthday arrived. However, due to the hectic and busy schedule, i definitely did not have much time to organize a nice party for the little boy. And the task of organizing is pretty taxing, from choosing an ideal place till inviting guests are actually can be challenging, so as an easy type of mommy, i ended up just presenting a birthday cake for the little baby.

I knew in fact i can add extra pizzazz to the birthday party if i have got the party favors idea in advance, i am getting forgetful lately and always like to plan things in last minutes, that's why i had forgotten to get an unique and personalized party favors for my boy. Well, i promised that will give my boys another hilarious party during the coming Christmas, of course, this time i will make sure everything be prepared well before the party. Everyone despite adults or kids love Christmas, adding Christmas gifts will be more memorable, so either personalized party favors or choosing from one of their extensive selections must be perfect for everyone.

Hehe...i can prepare flavored lip butter to my aunt, a scented candle for my sister, candy tins for my boys, as for my hubby, i guesses nothing is better than personalized golf ball. Wow, just hope Christmas is here now!

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