Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wanna send the Nikkor lens

I went to check the Nikkor and Canon camera lens for my friends yesterday. The price has been soared, the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 was about HKD680 in the past few weeks, but today it is at HKD700. Perhaps you would say just increased HKD20, but we should have frugal lifestyle instead of spending extra. The sale boy said the HKD20 increasing is acceptable since the price of petrol per litre also has been double jumped. Sigh, i just wondered when all these "hikes" can be stopped, price of everything has been kept increasing but our salary still remained the same without any single cents increased.

Having said so, i have already bought the Nikkor lens for my friend, but now i just puzzled how to send the lens to her. I somewhat cannot fully have confidence over the delivery service here, and i wondered will the lens still in proper piece if send from here to MY. My friend assured me it is fine for sending the lens for her, she even suggested that maybe brown corrugated boxes are fine for the lens and she said i can insert more newspaper into the box so that the lens can be placed firmly inside the box. That's such a good idea, or maybe corrugated sheets can help prevent the lens from damaging too. Well, let's see how to post the parcel ideally, i really need more useful suggestions.

I think i better look for the corrugated cardboard displays now hence to know which corrugated box is more suitable for sending the fragile camera lens. Definitely not good to wait till last minute!

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