Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Grow money in saving account

I just received a letter from my son's teacher, was told that the meal fee at his school will be increased to RMB260 per month starts on September. So his monthly fees are :-
RMB1200 - school fee
RMB260 - meal fee
RMB200 - school bus fee
RMB400 - piano class
RMB320 - art class

So, total amount is RMB2380 per month. Well, all fees are excluded his toys and clothes, of course we do not buy toys or clothes for him every month. Therefore, the fee is about RM1700 if converted back to MY Ringgit, gosh, that's expensive, in MY, i don't think we need such a big sum of amount for just a 4 years old boy to attend kindy as well as those enrichment classes. Actually the theory is pretty simple, like, you earn more then you would tend to spend more. But, our family is kinda practicing a frugal lifestyle, just the price of everything here seems higher than those prices in MY. Take a pack of tissue roll as example, in MY maybe we just need to spend less than RM10, but in here, we need to spend about RMB30 (around RM15), well, i meant on same brand with same quality.

Luckily my money is still my money because my hubby is the one who bears all the house loan, car loan and others expenses. But now, i really think of growing my money as sometimes i just can't control myself from spending. That's will be wonderful if i can have online saving, which means that i can portion my money out and save them into different Savings Account. Saving into bank even has interest, hey, don't look down those little interest as every cents count and it grows your saving account over time too. I think i better open an online account promptly! Money, yeah, i just like money!

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