Thursday, July 17, 2008

Branding is important

The man commented me that i had spent too much whenever i went down to HK. He even said i never faithful to one brand and been kept buying the thing whenever i saw it's nice. This actually seems as different between men and women. Men, they are faithful to the stuffs and gadgets they like, well, this is not included their wives. For women, shopping and buying are tend to be impulsive, buy it always without a second thought and not mentioned the brands too. As long as the things seemed nice, then it always no harm to buy it even the thing didn't seem useful most of the time.

Although i like to buy things, i still stick to one principal as i only buy which it is a good quality. So as long as it is good in quality, then i really don't mind to spend. In fact, i just love spending in few brands like Oshkosh, Bossini, Mothercare and Zara, for me, what they sell are quite good in quality. Branding is somewhat important in doing business, their branding is good so they can retain their customers easily. Not even me, i guessed most of the mothers or mothers-to-be also like to shop in those mentioned brand shops. :)

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