Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Save on your electric bill

I have been planning a frugal lifestyle for my household, in short, we just cannot spend like what we used to spend. We need to save money so we can settle our house loan as soon as possible, after that we can start saving our kids' education fees. Sigh, earning money can never be stopped, otherwise, all are "hungry".

Recently i have been quite upsetting with my maid's attitude, in fact i just do not know how to teach her using electricity and water wisely. She somewhat a forgetful woman who can always forget to turn off the iron. The iron was still on at the laundry room, but she could at other room to fold the clothes. Gosh, it wastes the electricity and dangerous too since i have two small kids at home. There was ever i saw her mindlessly let the tap ran, that's why i quite pissed off on this issue. She not even wasted my money but wasted our natural resources.

In Texas, unlike here, it has a lot of electric companies letting people to choose based on which can provide a best rate. If you want to check electricity rates in your area, you always can be done through online despite you are currently dealing with Cirro Energy or Gexa Energy. Check and compare the rate properly would benefit you to get more value for spending on your electricity bill. Of course, we need to investigate which electric company is more supporting to our environment, more greener and cleaner are common key issues to be taken note. My friend said she prefers Cirro Energy, then how about you?

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Lawrence said...

If you go to there 27.

I market for another company NOT on that list and we are the largest CREP (competitive retail electric provider)in Texas. What that basically means is my company is the largest besides the monopoly companies of old like Reliant.

Cirro Energy doesn't even offer a 100% renewable GREEN plan. In today's market that is just unacceptable when customers want to do more to reduce their carbon footprint.

With companies left and right going out of business (Riverway Power) it is essential to switch to a company that can survive harsh times and large price spikes.

Just last night I was able to reduce a customers rate by 25%. Take into account he was averaging $700/month in the summer I just saved him $175 every single month.

You would be amazed on what you can save if you read the facts labels. Just be careful as some companies will list a lower rate yet charge a flat customer monthly fee. Now isn't that nice of them to charge you for being a customer regardless of what you use. yuck.