Friday, July 25, 2008

Eli with his BumGenius

photo taken on 9/7/08
After few months of procrastinating, i finally dug out the BumGenius cloth diapers for Eli. I was actually quite skeptical of trying the cloth diaper on Eli again as his bum area was developed severe rashes last time right after 2 days of wearing the cloth diaper. But since i have 4 BumGenius at home and i had been reading lot and lot mommies letting their babies wear CD, so i also took mine CD out. Reasons were don't waste the CD and i wanna save money.

Surprisingly that Eli didn't have rashes this round of time. Yeah, so means i can buy more CD for him. I just got this website Doubibou site which sells a lot of nice cloth diapers, and most importantly is the shop is located in HK, just so easy for me to shop over there.

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