Saturday, July 19, 2008

Home Based Internet Business @ Ispeedway

A lot of my friends are running their online business now, in fact i was quite tempted to have my own online business. My mind is full of different ideas in order to run successfully of my online business. Since i am staying in CN, that's totally no problem for me to get cheap stuffs which are in variety form including apparels, toys, books, in short that whatever you named it you would get it.

I have more interesting in selling apparel, especially kids wear like the brand of Carter. I can get it cheap here, the price as low as RMB5 per piece. So if i really have my online business, then maybe i can readjust the price to something like RM10 (converted back to MY ringgit), that's mean i still can earn about RM7.5 per piece. The profit is quite appealing to me, and so do you, right? Just imagine working part time in those Fast Food franchises, the salary per hour is just about RM4, so selling apparel is much more easier than working as cashier or waiter in restaurant.

Due to i am an idiot of designing a web page, then perhaps i need a professional help from expert web design company like Ispeedway. It helps success one's home based internet business. See, i can be an own boss in such an easy way. No technology knowledge, never mind, as long as you know where to get your help then is more than enough.

So, would you like to support my online business?

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