Saturday, July 19, 2008

Moving? Do think of Boston Moving Company

Yesterday was not a good day for hubby and me. My little baby is down with fever, cough and flu. All these bugs just came suddenly and also a first fever he has had in his life. I took him to the hospital around 5pm, as usual and also as expected there was crowded in the hospital but i still had to register my baby for the queue. Well, it named queue but the people there were not really abided the rule. The last in could just cut the queue and pretended nothing. That's why i was quite mad over their attitude and i just couldn't stop pointing my finger toward those impolite people.

Actually we will have a short holiday in HK next week, but the current situation seems that the plan should be postponed. No shopping, no Ocean Park visiting and no scrumptious meals for next week. What we can do is to stay at home instead of enjoying. What a bummer! Now i just hope the medicine can play as a magic to my little baby and he can get well soon. That a heartache to see he suffers a sick. And, no kidding, he looked as a ripe tomato when he had fever last night. Hubby and me had been wiping his hot body for 1 1/2 hours when he finally fell asleep. My little poor baby indeed.

I was wondering why he suddenly down with the sick since nobody sicks at home. Perhaps the mites that caused him? I saw some tiny crawlers on the wall, they have been crawling there for more than a month no matter how i trying to kill them. I did spray and also asked help from pest control, but nothing could help. Another bummer! So i have been thinking to move out, but hubby quite beg to differ as he said house moving is such a taxing and exhausted task. Yeap, i agreed too, but if we can find a good moving company like Boston Moving Company then i really don't mind to rent another just slightly expensive apartment. Current house is just too old to be lived.

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