Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Efforts Pay Off

My friend's newborn baby had just greeted the world last Sunday, i was so happy when right after i received the news. Congrats to her. Being a mother is such a taxing task, i guessed most mothers would agree my words, but i am quite contradicting too as i just do not want to miss all the development milestones that my kids be achieved. Their milestones just paid off my efforts! However i have been whining quite a lot lately, but i still love my boys and wish to with them every time. Hubby, he said he would repay me well with a trip to Riviera Maya. Yeah, it sounded good indeed. I think nobody will say NO when you can enjoy greatly at all inclusive resort. I drooled and wished that i can be there now, i simply love their private stretch of sand, the ocean views, deep-sea fishing, cenote diving and so forth. Yeah, it is really a time to have such kind of indulgence.

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