Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Insurance Protection

My friend, Matty, who is a car insurance agent had called me and informed me that one of friend's father passed away peacefully on last month. This friend of mine actually is not from a wealthy family, but luckily he still got his father a life insurance policy when his father was still alive. I can say it was pretty lucky that this friend was willing to portion a little bit of his money for paying the insurance premium, at least now his family has some money to settle and pay off all those funeral arrangements. And, the leftover money can leave his mother with something to live on.

Actually i know insurance is quite a taboo topic to be discussed in most Chinese families, as it is something associated to death which is highly rejected by Chinese people. But, holding an insurance policy can definitely brings peace of mind to you as well as your family, if you're a sole breadwinner in your family, then nothing is important than having an insurance. Even you have not married yet you also need a proper insurance as your protection, of course, even you have been married, you should also insure your partner despite he/she is working or non-working. In short, insurance has been playing an important role in our lifestyle.

There are actually few types of insurance available in market, such as life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, medical insurance and so forth. It is pretty common if you do not know how to differentiate all these or their pros and cons, that's why before you get yourself a one, you should look for well-trained insurance agent to get all sort of insurance quotes and their basic information. At least you must have a tad of knowledge about what insurance you owned and what it can cover you.

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