Saturday, July 05, 2008

Funny to see those cheap "offers"

I seldom login to "buyXXXXXX", as their "offers" are too "cheap". Some advertisers really "stingy", asked for 300w but only can pay $3. That's funny, if i could send email to the advertisers, i would definitely tell them how terrible of them, they actually waste their time and also waste our bloggers time. Actually it is necessary the management of "buyXXXXXX" set a minimum of payout to advertisers, like $5, but definitely cannot allow the advertisers freely placed their budget, even at $1. If i saw $1, then how much i should bid? You tell me la...Or, just i misunderstood their system. Whatever la..i just don't feel like login-ing again!

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Elaine said...

They never stop you from placing a higher bid. Though they put $3, I asked for $10, and surprising , I got the bid too. I should have put a higher bid. Even $10 for 300w is too little. :P