Sunday, July 13, 2008

Apple iPod Mini

I don't know when i can really get my new Apple iPhone, it seems like demanding more than supplying, so most probably the stocks only go loose at the end of this year. I somehow wondered can i find the iPhone 3G in grey market instead of official store? But the warranty definitely cannot be ensured if getting it from grey market, right?

Now i feel like upgrade my old iPod nano to iPod touch, the Apple iPod touch is more interesting, it has email, maps, weather, stock, notes and much more, also the 32GB can store about 7000 songs. Actually if i had this 32GB, i would not store 7000 songs into the flash memory too. :) I like to have touch screen facility, if it comes with the electronic pen even better, at least pen is better than my finger. My finger is not a slender type, so maybe it is hard to touch the screen.

Apple iPod is most popular MP3 player on the market, the colorful silhouettes and its cool accessories just make everyone feels like holding it. Perhaps i should buy one Apple iPod Mini for my little boy hence to increase his interesting in singing songs. Of course i will get it from ShopWiki, a comprehensive site for online shoppers.

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