Friday, July 04, 2008

Maybe we need an expert mover

The Summer holiday is finally here, however, my son's school term only ends on this 31 July. Be frankly i also don't like to see my little boy spends his time in front of the telly, so it is acceptable his school extended the class, at least he still can learn something new in school.

My neighbor aunt asked me whether i had registered my boy a Summer enhancement class, i was shocked when she said her son needs to attend 5 types of different extra-curriculum activities in this Summer. Is it necessary? Well, i didn't say much and just nodded my head. And, i also looked as if i was an alien for her as i have not registered my son in any Summer class.

Hey, what's for to stress my son, Summer holiday means holiday, definitely no point to force him to attend this and that, what's more he is just 4 now? I hope he can enjoy his childhood rather than pressuring him to learn something that beyond his ability.

My son told me that he would like to learn playing piano, he said all of his friends are learning piano and he felt a bit lagging behind. Hubby said perhaps i should register him a piano class during this Summer holiday, well, his wish will be granted and will let him continuing his lesson if he is really interested in learning piano. But, this means we need a piano at home too. If here is our permanent house then we really don't mind to buy one for him, somemore, hubby has been reminding me that i should not buy too much of things especially those bulky furnitures, then how to consider buying a piano? OMG, my headache came when i was about thinking of moving house. Moving house is terribly tiring task, of course it is an opposite saying if i can find an expert mover like Boston Movers. Else, better don't buy those bulky furnitures. So, piano or not piano?

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