Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Money can win her heart back?

My friend told me he would like to try his luck for getting online casino bonuses. His voice sounded pitifully when he said this sentence to me. He has been in relationship trouble these days as he just got dumped by his girlfriend that they had been going out with more than 2 years. Sigh, blamed to reality! Her girlfriend says she wants money more than love, since my friend could not fulfill most of her needs, so she just kicked my friend away and flirting with another man, a so-called rich uncle in his town.

My friend still loves his girlfriend very much although he has been hurted. He said there is hopless to earn money from his job, so he wanna try his luck at casino and pretty wished he can win some money so that he can win his girlfriend's heart back. But, i really don't think his girlfriend willing to leave the rich uncle and back to him. And, what for to want a girlfriend who only prefers money more than love? She has hurted my friend once, so i don't wish to see my friend get hurted twice.

But my friend still be very stubborn, so i just told him he can try his luck at those reliable Top Online Casinos. Although there are a lot of online casinos, some are truly unreliable as i have been hearing that some winners could not get their won money, since my friend is so desperately now, i really wished he can win money from those USA online casinos, but i would like him to keep the won money for himself rather than to the one who hurted him.

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