Friday, May 25, 2007

I have joined Advertlets since April, but i don't know what is actually for as that time i was still a newbie to this niche market. Out of a sudden, i found out myself love this Advertlets so much as it is another achievement Malaysia Boleh for our Malaysian.

Now, with their newly launched program, Advertlets is giving away a fabulous and enticing RM50 for Malaysian postie who reviews their site. Hey, RM50 is not a small amount, how many advertisers are able to pay you RM50 for a site review in Malaysia, i don't think there is one, right?

I hope Advertlets can bring more revenue for a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) like me, and i hope i no need to rush for grabbing the opportunities like PPP. Plus, i hope through Advertlets i can get more information about our Malaysia's products and services more than those foreigners' products and services. Be a Malaysian, of course i have to fully support our "Buatan Malaysia".

With their slogan "advertisers + bloggers = money + happy", i believe i will have very smooth journey to earn my pocket money from them.