Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tag : 7 Random Things About Myself

Was tagged by LZ's mommy about 7 Random Things About Myself.
Hehe..actually this is a easy tag since i know myself very well..

1. I love to eat chicken's feet though everyone says it's dirty. For me is yummy yummy..
2. I can eat same food everyday for several weeks without changing it.
3. I seldom wash my own hair, i am very generous to spend my money to have hair washing in saloon. But i am quite stingy to other things.
4. I love to buy branded things to Jo though i know it is not wise to do it. If for myself, i would say "no-no".
5. I am very particular when comes to cleanliness of the toilet. So, i can clean my toilet few times per day. Sometimes, i even would think like "alamak, if i am the shop owner, i would clean the toilet like this and this..." i have this freak mind whenever i visit the loo outside.
6. I rarely trim my eyebrows, maybe i just hate to do it.
7. I would buy a lot of related stuffs when comes to certain inspiration, like i would buy all the baking necessary stuffs when i wanted to bake a cake, but normally i just put aside after buying them and non action taken.

So, below is the lucky ladies who are going to accept my BOMB:
Ching Ern's mommy


Angeleyes said...

Wah... another tag for me ah??? LOL
I shall do this at my Blogspot to help me increase some traffic. Can change the link for me???? :)

PapaJoneh said...

Hi there?
coming from Yvonne's blog.
Love the chicken feet eh... well, me too ;)

L B said...

Oh yes, I have a CLEAN TOILET fetish too! My toilets at home must be spotless, and everything in its order, otherwise I will start walking lopsided.

huisia said...

angeleyes - sure, i purposely passed this to you to increase your traffic.

LB - ya, i remember i ever read your "toilet" post before. :)

LZmommy said...

Wow! That was fast! Thank you for doing the tag.