Sunday, May 20, 2007

No current supply and drizzling non-stop

The current supply cut off again on yesterday morning. I hate this situation and don't understand why recently they keep cutting off the supply. It really distracted my plan, i haven't finished my catching up in blog hopping, not finished my "almost-due" posts, and the most important is i haven't informed Misha's mama about my time to HK, i couldn't check my mail and get her number. OMG...everything messed up on yesterday morning. It was raining outside and increase the darkness at home, i don't like this feeling as continuous raining days would bring me the painful over my joints. Even now, it is still today we have forced to stay at home and can't make a trip to Zoo. Aiyo, this is the last Sunday i am in China, seems like our family day can only spend at home and watching TV. Emm..really hate it!