Sunday, May 20, 2007

Master Degree

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I have been thinking to pursue my master degree since my degree graduation in year 2002. I never given up my dream even i am a mother now, some more i have very supportive hubby who is willing to pay my fees. This time i have made a strong will to make my dream comes true, ya, i am going to take my
mba after No.2 is popped. Since i always think to have my own career after my kids at their schooling ages, now indeed is an appropriate time for me to recharge myself and continue my study.

I tried accounting course right after my graduation from high school, but accounting definitely not my strong part to achieve in more higher level like ACCA or CIMA. After 1 year muddled along in account studies, i finally found my interesting in programming. I took the computer science after my accounting course, and i always find my enjoyment in this category even till now. I had been working as multimedia programmer for 3 years, be frankly, i know nothing other than multimedia programming, those VB, Java, C++, Oracle and more are all forgotten after long time i didn't explore in them. Anyhow, i believe i can catch up again if i want since i have the based.

Actually i don't want to be a programmer anymore, since it is a daunting and time consuming task, i hate to stay back late in office just because wanted to meet the project deadline. So, after much discussing with my hubby, i have decided to take networking for my master studying. As foresee, networking does provide a wide chances for me to go back to my career one day in the future.

Capella University is my ultimate choice of school as it is an online university and can provide flexibility for my studies since i am no longer a single lady. And recently, Capella University faculty member has co-authors a new book on ‘Appreciative Coaching", which talks about a positive process for change.