Sunday, May 20, 2007

Are you a stupid bird?

Overheard the conversation between hubby and Jo.
I don't know what's the details talking, it's something regarding Jo wanted to turn on his SPD,
hubby : blah..blah..blah..
then i heard Jo said this (as he said very loud),
"你不知道要按这边meh?你是stupid bird meh?"
(don't you know is pressing here meh? are you a stupid bird?)

Actually nothing special about the sentence, just found that the way and the words he used are totally amused me! Hubby didn't hear it clearly as he is too engrossing in HEROES!


Min said...

haha , 你是stupid bird meh ?" he speaks "rojak" language!! this is exactly how i speak too!!! it is quite bad in the sense that sometimes my friends will laugh at me!! ( simply because my mandarin sounds weird!! )

KK & WS said...

why Jo relate stupid to bird?

huisia said...

KK & WS - My hubby taught him...:)

chinnee said...

sometimes kids give very funny reply one ya,,,,hahaha,,,,

Simple American said...

Makes you wonder where he picked that up? hehe