Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tag: My Loyal Fancee

Was tagged by MontessoriMum about my loyal FANCEE for my blog.

I think i have a lot of Loyalty FANCEEss, so i can't really specify who and who. But i am going to twist the tag into "Must visit FANCEE's blog"..

I visit to different blogs via my Google Feedreader, i will leave comment most of the time if i possible to catch up those updates else i just read from my feedreader. For those Singaporean mummies' blog, i definitely will pay my visit to them as their blogs are too "cleaned" from advertisement. Their blogs are concentrated on their parenting skills and how to upbringing their kids. Ok, i feel guilty and shameful sometimes i read on my own blog, gosh, i know my blog has been a MONEY EARNING blog rather than a blog dedicated for my Jo.

Actually, if you see my comments most of the time, it means your blog has already been my ""Must visit FANCEE's blog". In my blogrolls, some blogs are having their own features like,
1. When i want to learn English, i'll go to
Giddy Tiger, Simple America and LB.
2. If i want to feel young, i'll go to
3. If i want to know about Singapore's food, i'll go to
Mama Tang.
4. If i want to know about Hong Kong's food, i'll go to
Misha Treasure Trove.
5. If i want to see nice scrapbooking, i'll go to
6. If i want to read story about "ngam ngam cham cham", i'll go to
7. If i found God has away from me, i'll go to
8. If i want to read about funny conversation between mother and daughter, i'll go to Zara and Zaria.
9. .....and more....

So, how about you? I am not going to tag people since my tag is out of the original meaning!


Sasha said...

i am yr fan see also. But u have many many post aday i cannot keep up!

Min said...

Yeah!! i can make u feel young!! well, young = childish too!! hahah :)
i love reading your blog too!!

L B said...

WAAAAA, so flattered too!!! LOL, I like this style better of respnding to this TAG! Very good. I was TAGGED to do this, but I haven't done mine yet.. You are right. For hilarious Mother Daughter moments, it's definitely Zara and Zaria!

L B said...

I agree with Sasha... You are spurting out so many posts a day, hard to keep up with! *LOL*

Blogie-Talkie said...

hey, thanks, indeed you are a very kind blogger who always leave messages about your present. Big heart..

huisia said...

sasha & LB - no choice, blog for money ma...:) you just leave comment for those ON comment box, no need to read those with off comment box la..:)

chinnee said...

thanks a lot for your constant visit too. appreciate a lot.

Giddy Tiger said...

Wow...what a great way to start the week! I'm honored and so flattered to be on your fansee list. Hee...
Thanks Huisia!
This is certainly inspiration to blog more... :D

LZmommy said...

OH! You have bn leaving comments for me too! So I must be you fav also lah! Hehehe.... Thank you sooo much! Your blog also a must read for me as our boys are of the same age. :)

jean said...

Hey dear, my blog should be wordpress already... is that me or another jean ar??

Thanks for your kind comment. Love to read yours too esp how you lead your life in china and knowing how u miss your folks in msia..

huisia said...

Jean - Is you la, not other Jean la..i have keep all of your URLs in my feedreader, that's why i copied the old one. :) Anyway, i have updated it to wordpress URL.

Simple American said...

Ooooh! I feel educational now. :)

Always happy if I can help.

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