Friday, May 25, 2007

Expanded Yosemite Experience

Do you want to join Distant Pranic Healing campaign? It is an alternative healing method used as a compliment to orthodox medicine.
The Lotus Path Workshops has the weekend/long term sight-seeing or camping Yosemite for public who are keen to take part in this spiritual workshop. The healing started with an invocation for divine protection and guidance. Via this, the healer can receive information on behalf of the patient and indirectly make it possible for healer to directs the healer's energy to the patient. The color pranas used by the healer are from earth, air, solar and divine energy that are ready to clean th aura and energize the chakras. Plus, this healing is very good for turning nature exploration into self-exploration as well. Now, with $40 people can join their workshop that can be completed the same day.