Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Men, you want to look sexy or not?

Do you still remember the old time while men's underwear looked very simple and out of style? Even till very late time, we could only see new improvement styles and patterns for men's underwear. And from that time onwards, men's underwear no longer look dull and tedious.

I recall those days i was wearing the G-Strings, my hubby used to say why only women could have this stunning and attractive garments but not men. Ya, that time it was not common to find G-Strings for men yet. But now, either man or woman, we all can find whatever style of underwear we wanted. OK, since the Father's Day is coming soon, i think it's a time to give my hubby a suprise too. Buy him a G-Strings can also compensate his previous desired to own one. Hahaha..i bet he will love to wear it...

Searching through internet and finally find a
mens underwear, DUGG, it is the place located in Sydney Australia which is specializing in selling men's underwear, it has been shipping men's underwear worldwide for more than 5 years. Some more, they provide free delivery to anywhere of Australia with the order over AUD50 and free delivery to worldwide with the order over AUD80. It sounds great to me since i believe i can order more than AUD80, just imagine, how many MEN i need to send over my gifts during Father's Day? My hubby, my father, my father in-law and my god-father. See, must be over AUD80, right? More over, i think to do some cleaning for my hubby's old worn briefs too..it's a good time to throw away the old and replace the new, isn't it?

In DUGG, they have lot of brands to choose for like Calvin Klein (my hubby favourite, even his perfume also from Calvin Klein), Van Heusen, Oroton, Trent Nathan and more. They also have few categories to satisfy their customer's needs like selling briefs, hipsters, swimwear, socks, boxers and more. Friends, if you have been thinking to give your loved one suprise on his birthday, anniversary day or Father's Day, just drop by to DUGG, sure you can find your targeted items over there.