Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Buy your own car number plate

I am very fussy when comes to choose my car number plate, i hate ZERO found in the plate as Chinese always believes ZERO means nothing. Some more i hate 4 too as 4 means DEATH in our Chinese's superstition. That's why i am very willing to pay for choosing my own car number plate than getting those continuous number from JPJ.

Came across to this new site which allows car owners to search their desired number plates from their widely selection of private number plates. Apart from the private number plates, car owners can search for ageless car registrations, prefix type and current style car number plates. Just imagine how cool of my car number plate with my name as the prefix and my birthday as personal number plate, haha....just thinking the extraordinary number plate i going to have already made me feel the excitement. This NorthUmbriaNumbers even gives inclusive services to their customers as they will finish all the paperworks without customers spending their precious time to settle those onerous tasks alone.