Friday, May 11, 2007

Hong Kong Apple Newspaper

Finally i subscribed to this Apple Newspaper from Hong Kong. Do you know, people can't take any reading materials from Hong Kong back to China. China doesn't has freedom of broadcasting news and even publishing books. That's why China totally banned those reading materials including newspapers and magazines from Hong Kong. However, it is always has WAY to take back those reading materials to China. So far, i have been taking lot of magazines back to Shen Zhen from Hong Kong without failed. Actually, China people can subscribe Hong Kong's newspaper, that's why i said China's rules always have a "hole" to let people dig more to the "hole". What for you can't let people bring back the reading materials to China but allows people to subscribe it? That's a question?!

In Hong Kong, you can use HK6 to buy this newspaper, but in China you have to pay RMB15 for it and extra RMB10 for each delivery service. So, means that i have to pay RMB25 for it. Sound excessive, but i just love to read it, nevermind, have to pamper myself sometimes, right?