Monday, May 14, 2007

Tag : 10 ways He Pisses me off

I was tagged by Zara's mama about 10 ways HUBBY Pisses me off.

1. He always put sports in first place. Then only comes to family. He went for sports even i was sick and he didn't care there's nobody could take care Jo.
2. He can't pee directly and accurately into the toilet bowl though the toilet bowl is big enough for his urine, i always see the urine stains everywhere.
3. He doesn't like me to ask him "WHY", a simple "WHY" would lead him to mad then ended up to drive me to nuts too.
4. I seldom get his responses whenever i talk to him. If i pointed out this problem to him, he would blame me at why i used to talk to him while he's watching TV or doing his own things.
5. He won't take his initiative to feed Jo whenever we're dining outside. He seems so enjoying during his meal time but totally forgotten his wife always the last one to finish her meal. He only remembers to feed Jo when i started to show him my SOUR face.
6. He doesn't like to clean up the mess made by Jo, his excuse is "why bother the mess since it will mess again". But he would say "why you didn't clean up the mess?" if he saw the messy at home after his worked.
7. He doesn't like to hang the wet towel nicely after using the towel. Just simply throw on bed or somewhere. I will one eye open open eye close if the towel is dry, but i can't accept the towel is wet.
8. He always seems like no "opinions" or no "suggestions" whenever i discussing something with him. He likes to answer me in "ah..", "oh..", "ok..", "no..".
9. He won't point out my MIL's mistakes even she acted too overly. I don't think this is called filial respect to my MIL.
10. He always look tired even he had slept for more than 10 hours.

Actually i still have lots to say....should i go ahead?
So, below 5 are the lucky people to accept this tag,
Hijack Queen
Mama Tang


Min said...

sigh... i think u just really gotta open one eye close one eye! :) i can't imagine my life after marriage where i gotta stay with him.. sure lotsa conflicts! gotta learn how to give and take !!

jazzmint said...

wah, my hubby can join urs in the towel club...he loves doing that

huisia said...

min - staying under a roof must be like this..conflict here hugging there..LOL! Hey, maybe i should pass you this tag..want to know the point of view from non-married young lady..

LA My Home said...

it always has been me who is feeding brandon too when we are out or IN the house. i dunno why, but it is my routine to feed brandon.

aprilWong said...

#2 and #7 piss me off too.*Gimme 5ive*

Giddy Tiger said...

Hehe..the more you write, the more there IS to write eh?
I guess you just have to remind yourself that you love him IN SPITE OF all those faults.

chooi peng said...

aiyh, i should pass u another similar tag so that u can continue the story.. LOL

Angeleyes said...

wah... sleep 10 hrs still looked tired??? Why men all liddat ah??? My PB also must have his 8 hrs of sleep or else sure go cranky like Darrius!

KK & WS said...

my hubby is the reverse for # 10, he sleeps very little. He trade off his sleeping time with TV!!!

Malaika's mummy said...

Yeap, my hub also said the same to Malaika's mess and cleverly avoid stepping on the toys!!

selva said...

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