Thursday, June 07, 2007

Backdated post - Sunday Outing

I brought Jo to City Mall last Sunday, this mall is new opened so it doesn't have many shops can be shopped. But i like this mall as it just nearby my house, and it has Giant and GNC inside. So if i want to buy a cheap Enfagrow i can just go to this City Mall, i no longer necessary to drive to Penampang.

Jo dry cough has became to phlegm cough, and he has bad runny nose as well. He had finished the chinese medicine and the conditions didn't improve at all. So yesterday i brought the western medicine (cough and runny nose syrups) from pharmacy and trying to feed him. Those western medicine just make him looks more tiredness and crankiness the whole day. Sigh, just don't know how to cure the bad cough...

Scrap's credit:
template : Lottchen
background & flower : ALPkit paper 7& 9
torn paper : Nancy paper 2
star & fuzzy stitch : AmyTeets


chinnee said...

huisia, nice scrap...where do u normally download ? i always have problem with it, as the files are normally so huge!

huisia said...

chinnee - i will send you the address tomorrow as the URLs are not with me can download with Download Accelerator, so it won't hang or stop suddenly.

Giddy Tiger said...

Ha...finally I can comment... some of your posts cannot comment la...

I wanted to tell you the Milkmaid Tea was effective for me too, but I had to stop because it made my boy overactive.

And then...congratulations on the LoudLaunch payout. My blog got rejected long time ago and they didn't allow for resubmission, at least I don't know how to.

Lastly, great collage. Would love to explore this portion of blog beautification too :)

misha's mum said...


i think it is better for you to bring Jo to see dr rather than buying the cough syrup from the counter.

last time, I bought from pharmacy before for Mish, but her cough become worst .. better jaga jaga

papajoneh said...

Hi there huisia? u still in KK? that city mall is near the road to Kolombong kah? is that the one?

huisia said...

giddy tiger - hehe, ya, i have turned off the comment boxes for some posts.

Misha's mum - But the medicine just same as what doctor gave, so i didn't bring him to see doctor lo.

papajoneh - ya, the one at the roadside of kolombong highway. i am in KK now, only will be going back to China around November.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Try boiling loh hon koa with snow fungus (suet yue), mak choa (honey dates) & dried mandarin orange peel. My 2 gals too had bad cough & flu for months & at the advice of the sifu fr the chinese medicine hall, i boiled this for them every week.
I also feed them 1 tsp of Manuka honey every morning.
The sifu told me patients with weak lungs should drink lung nourishing soup.
These really help. Just try, no harm coz they are not medicine.

sue said...

Hmm... have you tried boiling the peppermint leaves with rock sugar? Good for phglemy cough :P

LA My Home said...

did you bring ur laptop with you back to kk? how you do the nice scrap? hehe ... staying till nov at home, that's nice.