Saturday, June 02, 2007

Studying in Capella University

My younger sister is planning to pursue her business study but she has no idea which university she should head to. There are numerous university in town but how to choose a good reputable one always is an issue for my parents. They hope she can find a good one and can have her studies from the first year till her graduation. As my parents don't want the ex-situation happens again as my brother had stopped his study half way after found out the university he attended had a problem. It wasted some of their money and wasted my brother's time too as he needed to hunt for another university.

I have found a good capella university for my younger sister. This Capella University has more than 19,000 students over the world, and they are an online university that offers graduate degree programs in widely range of academic subjects.

So, i believe my sister can achieve her academic very well with the help of Capella University as the university has been committed to provide high-caliber academic excellence and pursuing balanced business growth for their students.