Tuesday, May 08, 2007

31st week updates

Finally i went for my prenatal checkup, my last check was on 10/3/07. Almost due 2 momths.

My weights during each checkup:
First (25 November 06) - 62.4kg
Second (5 Jan 07) - 63kg
Third (9 Feb 07) - 65.5kg
Fourth (10 March 07) - 67.3kg
Measured by own scale (24 March 07) - 67.5kg
Fifth (5 May 07) - 73.2kg
Gosh, my weight gaining like rocket, i have gained 5.9kg within 2 months time.

Blood pressure - 121/67
Baby's weight - 1.585kg (Doctor said baby is only considered average, not so big in 31st weeks)

  • Baby has turned and very active.
  • I'm so tired recently as tummy getting bigger and rest getting lesser. People would think i'm in full term who is going to give birth soon.
  • I have suffered a backpain too, i can't turn my body to left or right side if i sleep on my back. It's like all my nerves are tangled and make me couldn't turn to my desire side.
  • Cramp is getting better or i can say barely happen now, i guess should be the calcium sufficiency in my body since i've started to take Anmum lately. This only my 4th tinned so far, the previous 2 tinned just half finished and finally went off due to expired.
  • I used to sleep on my right side but most studies said that the left side is the best, so now i gradually have to force myself a bit to adjust my sleeping position.
  • Getting difficult to stand/wake up if i sitting on sofa or lying on the bed. So, i prefer to sit on normal wooden chair.
  • I have nose bleeding, mild one but happens everyday. Doctor said it's common for pregnant woman, as long as other body parts won't get the bruises easily.
  • Have little milk dropped. So, i think no problem for breastfeeding.
  • Can't breathe comfortably especially during sleeping time.
  • Both legs have mild swollen. Feet seem serious as i almost outgrew my Nike sport shoes. Wrist too as the watch would leave down the watch's mark.
  • Have been walking like a duck, baby seems like very active during my walk.
  • My skin very dry, despite how religiously of applying lotion over the skin.
  • Speaking to stretch marks, one word, TERRIBLE! It turns purplish. So old marks plus new marks equal to UGLY!
  • Butt, looks round and big.
  • Have double chin.
  • Appetite is huge, recently craving for peanut and red-bean.

Next check will fall on 19 May 07. This time spent HKD380 for the consultation without taking any pills. Somemore the scan not so clear if compare the scan in Sabah. So, i can't upload the scan here.


KK & WS said...

i had slipped disc problem. When it comes to 4th month, back ache all the way till delivery. Can you imagine towards the last 4 weeks, i need to lie down on bed every 2-3 hrs..

i put on total of 20kg...Ern borned at 3.42kg..i put on total 10kgs on myself..now tough to shed those..:-(

My leg size can never get back to my original size after giving birth...need to throw or give away and buy new one..

wonder number 2 i will have this problem.

HMom said...

wow - you 31 weeks already? time has flown by so fast. This stage is really tiring. I think second pregnancis are harder on the mom

Min said...

Take care Hui Sia! i got no experience in pregnancy stuff! but take care and be a happy mummy!

Jan said...

Think you may overtake my total weight gain liao lor....

Rayner was born 38 weeks and at time, I weigh 78kg liao wor.....I was still worried if he stayed in me till 40 weeks, I sure hit the 80kg mark....faintz.....

but time flies lar...31 weeks liao...bear with all the discomfort for a couple more weeks and everything will be over....the sun is coming out soon.....take care ya

NomadicMom said...

Don't worry about the Stretch Marks.. Mine also very bad, dark and deep. But recently started using Stri-Vectin. It seems to be working. So..go buy a tube after you deliver lor.

khai khee said...

take care and enjoy your pregnancy yeah..

karenyiau said...

I'm slightly ok as I don't have back pain & cramp. Anyway, hang in there mate, we'll be seeing our baby soon. :)

And about the weight, can shed off faster when we breastfeed so don't worry too much! Maybe we can share our "weight loss" diary in our blog after we deliver, haha :D

chooi peng said...
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chooi peng said...

ya, i feel tiring too as well as the purplish mark. LOL

wHOisBaBy said...

i had slight nose bleeding too when i was pregnant. i wasn't worry about it because i read somewhere that this is normal. time is passing faster now. hehhee since you are spending more time in front of the computer posting and looking for ppp. but remember to take a break, don't sit too long.

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Ooh.. nose bleed is common? I seriously wasnt aware. Dont worry abt the weight gain... you'll lose back in no time when caring the newborn. :D

Annie said...

My nose bleed too during my pregnancy. When I blow nose every morning, mucus with blood stains comes out. I was worried at first too, but doc assured me.

mott said...

eh..you shud try the coffee with olive oil to reduce your stretch marks. It's in Sasha's and Organic Samm's blogs.

Anyway..you take it easy..coz 2nd pregnancy (onwards) is like worst and worst becoz of the weight. We always gain more weight EVERYTIME...*sobs*

that's why i'm so scared in getting preggie again..even tho I want to try for girl...sigh..

Giddy Tiger said...

Looking good Hui Sia! Take good care of yourself, and yes, you're right experts believe sleeping on the left is better than the right. I think it's because on the left the weight of your baby will not rest on your major blood vessel.

Angeleyes said...

Huge appetite? Hehe... I was like that too but luckily I lost almost 10kg in my first trimester so my weight did not balloon up so drastically.

My SIL only about 3-month but her tummy grow quite big leh... wonder if she has water retention or something.

Maybe you control your diet a bit (less fatty food) then you should be ok.