Sunday, May 06, 2007

Boxer - Roman Greenberg's boxing shorts

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Recently, has purchased Roman Greenberg's (Russian-born and Jewish) boxing shorts for a hefty sum in an effort to help the young prospect make it to the top of the professional boxing ranks. The money is used to help Greenberg train and improve his boxing skills and BackgammonMasters has put on their hope to this young heavyweight boxing to take on one of the WBO's top 5 boxers this year.

So, BackgammonMasters will auction off Greenberg's famous shorts with backgammon tournament bidding starting at $100,000. This is to help the young prospect make it to the world championship and all proceeds will go to charity for Arab and Jewish youth in distress. BackgammonMasters hopes through this proceeds it will eventually help Arabs and Jews can unite peacefully.

BackgammonMasters has sponsored Greenberg since the beginning of his career and continues to support this talented young boxer. He beat veterans Kendrick Releford, Julius Francis, Steve Pannell and in his last bout won against Ameriance Michael Simms at the world famours Madison Square Garden in NYC. Besides of Greenberg's talented, he has a big ambition and target to be a world champion.

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