Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I need this...VAPOR

I need this (humidifier) everyday from morning till night as long as the aircond is on. It does bring moisture to the room and lessing my sore dryness and dry skin. Weather is hot (about 32 degree) and dry these day, i can see there have blood stains on the Jo's pillow due to his cracked lip, i didn't apply any lipbalm for him but thinking to do it tonight provided i can find my lipbalm later. :)

I seldom go outside so i really don't know how hot is it, but i heard my maid said outside has a very big and bright sun. So, i went out to my balcony this afternoon, oh, gosh, it's so hot outside. I know, Sabah is more hotter than here..how to survive under a hot sun? That's a big question for a pregnant woman!