Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Labour Day

Today is a labour day, it is a big celebration in China as most of the companies are going to close for 1 week. Hubby has his holiday started from today till Sunday. We didn't have much planning on how to spend our long holiday, but for sure this weekend we will head to Hong Kong again as i will have my prenatal checkup there. As the weather is fine, we will bring Jo to Ocean Park as he keeps saying he wanted to feed the dolphin. Let see how..

We had our buffet dinner in "Du Zhi Du" Hotel just now, we paid RMB254 for 3 pax, cheap?! Jo had a wonderful time there as he could drink cola, eat jelly and cakes, all are his favourite! But rice, sigh, just a bit...

Oh, ya, today is quite difficult to wave for a taxi, every taxi just so FULL even bus also squeezed like sardine..