Monday, May 07, 2007

New taste of pizza

Recently Jo is craving for pizza, maybe it's due to the keep broadcasting advertisement in the TV. Pizza Hut has just launched a new taste of pizza, it costs RMB189 with 9 inch pizza, 4 pieces of chicken wings, a plate of spaghetti, 3 bowls of soup, seafood salad, twisty fries and a slice of greentea icecream cake.

9 inch pizza just has 6 slices, 2 slices per person, surprised that Jo loves it so much maybe due to sausage toppings. I love the greentea icecream cake so much, it tastes heavenly..slurp slurp, i will go back to their Hi-Tea soon since they serve cake during 2pm till 5pm. Other than cake, the chicken wings also yummy...speaking the pizza, emm...just so so, nothing much to say, normal only!