Wednesday, December 10, 2008

19 weeks

Today marks my 19 weeks pregnant. Actually i couldn't remember the number of weeks till one of my friend asked me just now, so i have to check my "ticker" in order to confirm the weeks. I am lousy, i know, perhaps this is a third baby so i do not have such an exciting feel like the previous two pregnancies. Recently, i can feel the baby squirming around, and only now i can really feel myself actually i am pregnant. I had been forgetting and neglecting the unborn baby for quite a long while, as my days simply have been occupying by my 2 boys, what's more Eli always throws us a big fuss, so he has been the one who always needs our extra care. *tired*

Baby, mommy feels so sorry to you as mommy seldom pray for you, and also seldom talk and touch you intimately. But, one thing for sure is mommy still loves you very much. Although sometimes mommy had the bad thoughts, mommy still knows you're always a gift from GOD. Do let mommy knows your gender at next check up so that mommy can prepare something for you, okay? :)

Mommy will try best to stop drinking Coke and ice drinks, and will try best to eat something nutritional, mommy eats well you will eat well too. Hope next time you're an easy baby, and also a kid who loves every foods, just like your brother, Eli.

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Health Freak Mommy said...

Dont worry, I felt like that too when I was carrying Baby C. You will automatically fall in love with your baby as soon as you see her/him. Enjoy your pregnancy dear friend!