Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sweet and sour meat balls

I am very into cooking lately, after being survived from the maid foods for the past 3 months. Since Jo prefers home cooked food more than dining outside, so indirectly i was like getting a lot of virtual supports from him hence to cook more nutritional foods for him. So does hubby, who always prefers to eat at home, well, for money sake. :)

I had great craving for meat balls for the couple of weeks ago, although i could get those instant meat balls from supermarket, i still preferred to DIY the meat balls. My simple recipe :-
1. buy fresh pork and chop pork into mince (i prefer to chop manually rather than using the meat processor)
2. marinate the mince with oyster sauce, sesame oil, corn starch and parsley too.
3. add some bread/biscuit crumbs to the mince
4. then heat the wok with some olive oil (any of your preference oil)
5. take a small handful of the mixture and make it into ball-shaped
6. place the ball-shaped into the wok
7. slightly fry and turn it for both side
8. pick up and place on the plate

This is how the meat balls look like :-

Then, another round of sauce preparation, the steps as following :
1. dice onion
2. slice tomato into pieces
3. fine chop the green and red bell pepper
4. fine chop the button mushroom
5. heat the wok again with olive oil
6. fry the above ingredients
Next, pour in 1 cup of water with mixture of tomato sauce and sugar (for neutralizing the sour taste), it will look like this :-
And, this is the fined cook sweet and sour meat balls. My Jo, even my hubby loves this dish so much, they even asked for more share after finished their given portion.

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