Monday, December 01, 2008

Sunday Lunch at Spaghetti 360 degree

Super scrumptious stone rice.
Mushroom and chicken spaghetti, (can't remember the name of the sauce), only managed to take the picture after distributed the spaghetti to the boys.
The pizza, as crispy as Soda Biscuit.

We had a trip to HK yesterday as the boys needed to take the influenza injection. But failed to make it as i didn't know the jabs were taken up quickly this year, so a lesson learned, make a call first before headed down.

Before we headed to the medical center, we had our quick lunch at the Spaghetti 360 Degree in New Town Plaza, Shatin, while taking the order, hubby said sarcastically "we definitely need to ta-pau (take away) the foods later" as he had thought that i had ordered too much for our family. Actually i had just ordered 3 foods (which were shown above), but perhaps he thought that the foods must be in big portion, so he commented sarcastically. But he said this "i think i need to eat some at KFC" after we gobbled down the foods.

The foods were just so-so, but i like the stone rice even though it didn't taste as good as the one i took it in Seoul. The bill comes up at HKD224.40.

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