Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thai Food in Shen Zhen

Backdated post.

Fried Chicken wrapped by pandan leaves.
stir-fried beef with mango, onion and green pepper.
Tom Yam seafood soup.
Lemon chicken.
Scramble egg.
Coconut pudding.

We pre-celebrated hubby's birthday at Yes Thai (鑫泰) on 22/11/08. Actually it was my first ever Thai food after i came to China. The atmosphere is good with very Siamese decorations. The foods tasted scrumptious and the price for each dish is acceptable. We can't expect to spend a little to eat a foreign food in Mainland, so the price that charged by Yes Thai was acceptable. And we were given a coupon that worth RMB90 too.

What will we do with this coupon? Yeah, we will go there again tonight and Thai food will be our Christmas Eve dinner. Gosh, i have been longing for their Tom-Yam soup, which is a mouthwatering soup that both hubby and i love it!


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Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow, the Thai food look really delicious! Wah, China also got Thai food!

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