Wednesday, December 31, 2008

22 weeks

Today is a New Year Eve and also a day that marks my 22 weeks in pregnancy. And, the most importantly is, today is my brother's wedding day too.

I am feeling a bit strange now, perhaps everyone is busying in my house for welcoming the couples back or perhaps load of joyous laughs and smiles there. I was so regretted that why i didn't buy my air ticket earlier, if only i acted fast, now i was there to enjoy the happiness moment together with my family, what's more he is my only brother. I sincerely wish my brother and SIL have a happy wedding ceremony and live happily ever after.

Back to my pregnancy, at 22 weeks :-
- Serious back pain
- Feel hungry all the time, but feel nausea after eating the food.
- Low tummy, first time experience with low tummy.
- Pimples everywhere.
- Can't squat.
- Can't turn side to side whenever i am laying flat on my back.
- Have urge to visit to loo most of the time though no urine at all.
- Love spicy food.

Actually no much different than my previous week. I am wondering when can all these over and give me back a normal-self. I know...after giving birth to my baby! Without doubt, my life will be more tougher with 3 kids around and i certainly will lost my sanity.

And, i had been told by few little kids that i am bearing a baby BOY now.

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Binky! said...

Now that you are already 5 months along, have you find out the gender of your baby? Anyway, take good care of yourself.