Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ayam Kurma

Cooking along with taking care of the kids, is my current interest. I was actually not very keen to cook at the first 3 years of my motherhood, reason was because i hate to clean up the kitchen after every cook. I was definitely a clean freak then. But day after day and year after year, i was surprised to see myself has developed such a great interest in cooking. Just like what i had mentioned in my previous post, i'm very into cooking lately, and have been scratching my head and browsing internet for more healthy recipes. Last time i was a clean freak, and now i am health freak. Well, not really health freak perhaps, since i had eaten quite a lot of unhealthy foods lately.

I have been craving for spicy foods a lot lately. Since i still have few packs of instant Ayam Kurma sauce that i brought back from Sabah, so i just cooked it on Monday night. One dish was enough for that night although i'm used to cook 2 dishes + 1 soup for dinner.

Ayam Kurma

Having been told that different craving would determine the gender of baby, emm...i'm a spicy lover now, then what is my baby's gender?

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janicepa said...

spicy foods huh.. me too for this pregnancy.. and sweet stuffs..

hm.. preggie mommies can sense wat's inside the tummy lah .. rite ?? heheh???