Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve dinner

That was my dinner on Christmas Eve (sorry, no other pictures as i was too hungry by the time my dinner was served). Pretty pity that night as we couldn't find a place to take our Christmas Eve dinner. Everywhere was jam-packed with patrons and some restaurants charged terribly expensive on their dishes. We were initially planned to take our dinner at Yes Thai, but the price was shockingly expensive, for a family of 3, it was about RMB700+ per table, which those dishes just markup purposely during festive season. That's why we left the restaurant after looking the price. Not even us, most of the patrons left just like us. Then we walked around to hunt for our food, ended up, we simply went into a Japanese restaurant and took our dinner there. Yummy and cheaper dinner. I was glad that we didn't spend tremendously that night. :)

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