Friday, December 19, 2008

A DIY scarf

Yeah, i finally finished knitting the scarf, which is for Eli. Now i just need some help to get the bind off done, so seriously said, the scarf has not really been completed yet. It just took me few hours to finish it, in fact, the scarf could be finished knitting earlier if the boys didn't pull out my needle. They simply loved pulling out the needle! Later, i will continue to knit a scarf for Jo....actually, a lot more to go as after Jo's one, i have to continue knitting for my hubby.


Vivianz said...

Pandai o.....

Lemonjude said...

Wha, you also into knitting now...nice colour matching on this scarf

momkidspace said...

Wau, nice scarf for Eli.. My kids also like to pull the needle and yarn when I knit.

Baby Darren said...

Nice colour combination. A new hobby huh?? it takes lots of patience to knit..."wan luin pai" scarf...

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