Wednesday, December 17, 2008

20 weeks

Today, i am in my 20 weeks of pregnancy! Time flies, another 20 weeks to go...

Last Saturday, i kept browsing the BabyGap site crazily because i would like to order some pinkish clothes for my unborn baby, well, although i do not really confirm the baby's gender. But just have high confidence to think the baby is a girl and i sincerely hope i won't get disappointed later on. :)

Speaking to the BabyGap, i had picked up 8 clothes, and proceeded to checkout, but alas, i couldn't add my credit card as international credit card is not accepted by them although i would like them to send my orders to my friend who is staying in Texas. So off i email-ed my friend and asked her do me a favour by using her credit card. Luckily she managed to check the delivery charges before she really ordered for me, as sending by FedEx needs about $100 from Texas to Sabah, OMG...that's too expensive to just pay the postage. I think i better save the money and believe it is even more cheaper to buy them from Singapore...but who can do me a favour again?

This time, i can't take "teh" (奶茶) as i definitely will get cramps at night if i drink it. This is never happened in my previous 2 pregnancies although i had cramps most of the time, but the cramps not because the "teh", simply like depriving of calcium although i had taken enough dose of calcium. And, i'd feel nausea if i took something not really ideal to my taste buds.


Jan said...

Shipping cost so X....when we did a baby Gap and old navy spree the last time, it didn't cost that much wor....then again, we had a couple of us to split the cost. :) perhaps you can consider getting your frens to purchase in bulk and at the same time share the shipping/freight cost

Anita said...

You should also consider checking out a company called
They provide a US Address for your online shopping- receive and forward your goods to you via air mail.
They offer 25-50% off DHL rates and you can estimate shipping on their website as well.
Congrats on baby : )

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hey huisia, what kind of baby gap clothes you plan to get? onesies? you know what? Brands Outlet here have lots of BabyGap onesies as well as OldNavy. They are really pretty and sweet :D If you like, I could buy them for you and send over to you. Do let me know ok?

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Oh, i forgot to tell you, they cost around rm15 to rm19.90 each :D

Lemonjude said...

There is a forum I know can do group shipping for all US shopping website which they DO NOT ship to Malaysia.

It is far more cheaper on shipping. Do MSN me if you need it.