Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Home Cooked Dinner @ 03 December 08

Super tasty hum-choy (salty vege), Taufu, tomato and barbecue pork rib soup.
Stew TauFu in Teow Chew styled, ingredients : celery, mix veges, salty vege, fine chop pork mince.
Seaweed and squid scrabble egg

That's the 2 dishes + soup i had prepared for my family yesterday. Simple yet wholesome. I was initially wanted to vomit after i cooked the dish 2, which is the "Stew TauFu in Teow Chew styled", i didn't know why, simply like couldn't stand the smell although it did smell fragrant. Funny that the dish just perfect for my stomach, so did the seaweed and squid scrabble egg. As for Jo, he loves the scrabble egg so much, for him, it looks like a home-made pizza. And he likes the soup too, normally he needed to be threatened for finishing his soup, but yesterday, he even asked for another bowl of soup after finished his first bowl. So i guess i should cook these dishes more often, at least less screaming at Jo when comes to dinner time.

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kelly said...

All look yummy...especially the soup.. I'm drooling over your pictures..haha..