Friday, December 12, 2008

Looking for Winter wear

I am sick, i have never thought i would fall sick during my pregnancy since i have been taking a lot of supplements, but the sick came just beyond my thought. Perhaps i have caught the cold that day when i went to market since i didn't really bundle up myself with Winter wears. Due to pregnant, i have almost outgrown all of my Winter jackets which are not the perfect wears for pregnant woman, and i didn't shop for Winter maternity wear too as i didn't want to waste my money.

However, i think i better get myself some as the weather is getting colder and colder, and i also don't wish to fall sick again. I would like to buy something which is more loosely, perhaps sport wear is suitable for me as i can pass down to hubby after my pregger. The NFL jerseys will be the ideal one, and hubby loves it too. Hubby even asked me to look for some for our boys so that they can wear it during the coming festive season.

Not even i am sick as my little boy the same too. He has been coughing for 2 days, sigh, i had asked my hubby better don't give any cold drink for the boy, but he just didn't want to keep his ears, so my boy have to suffer due to his stubbornness. Hope both of us get well soon.