Wednesday, December 24, 2008

21 weeks

I better blog this when i still have mood to write.

Today, is a Christmas Eve, and also marks my 21 weeks in pregnancy. I was asked by one friend why i seldom mention about my little beanie in my blog, well, actually i did but just roughly. Really nothing much to blog about my pregnancy, it seems so near and yet so far.

At 21 weeks: -
- I found new formed of stretch marks around my waist, sigh, been using the expensive anti-stretch-mark oil for quite a while, but it still can't conquer the nature formed of stretch marks. *sigh*
- I can't squat, if i do so, the tummy stretching will come tense and will lead forming more ugly stretch marks.
- Have serious back pain, the area is just behind my left breast. So i can't sit long hour without support cushion.
- Cramps, normally happens after i take tea. Whatever kind of it, be it a Hong Kong styled milktea or "teh-o-ice-limau".
- Pimples, i hardly had pimples before i was pregnant, but now, those bulging pimples are obviously to be seen around my cheeks and forehead.
- I have urge to pee everytime and feel something funny in my bladder, like someone is tickling my bladder.
- I can't turn my body to left or right side if i laying flat on my back. The nerves around my right body are tight, if i turn against it, i will feel the cramps.

As for the gender, yet to reveal. I had a talk with hubby a couple of days ago, he still says he prefers to have another boy! Of course, i wish i will have a little princess.


ShannonC. said...

my oh my..
how many of ur post have I missed????????
I didn't even know u are preggy again... CONGRATES!!!!

and merry x'mas! :D

kelly said...

May your dream come true.. I hope you are carrying a little princess too. :p

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