Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Home Cooked Dinner @ 15 December 08

Stir-fried leek flowers with fish paste.
Braised chicken in potato.
Sai-Yong-Choi (西洋菜) soup, boiled together with Candied date (蜜枣) and Fructus Momordicae aka LuoHanGuo (罗汉果).

Those are the dishes i cooked on Monday night, i love to eat leek flower, which the vege that i had never taken when i was staying in Malaysia. And only knew this yummicious vege after i had moved to China. If you never try this before, do try it, bet you''ll like it.

I coughed badly on Monday, went to see Chinese doctor but he said he dares not to give me any herbal medicine due to i am pregnant. So without any proper medicine, the only way to cure my cough is let the cough goes away itself. And luckily i could remember my ex-nanny ever told me that LuoHanGuo is good for soothing cough and it helps to remove heat and moisten lungs. So this Sai-Yong-Choi soup really came timely to sooth my dry cough. Other than drinking this soup, i have also been boiling myself a cup of LuoHanGuo water, one cup daily, and today, i am almost recovered from my bad cough. Imagine, i had been coughing almost every minute on Monday before i got myself a bowl of Sai-Yong-Choi soup, just within 3 days, i almost can wave goodbye to my cough. I also take "Pi-Pa-Gao" (京都念慈菴川貝枇杷膏) too, pour 2 full spoonfuls to the hot water and sip it, i have always loved to sip like this as it helps soothing my throat too.

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